The Disgruntled Chicken – Production Stills

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Here’s the first look at the Disgruntled Chicken – a short film featuring Douglas Rodgers (disgruntled chicken) and directed by Babe Baker of Big and Fancy Productions.  Doug is one of the great emerging spoken word artist of our generation.  His disgruntled creativity was fueled when working at a small restaurant where part of his job description included dancing on the side of the road in a chicken suit.  The Disgruntled Chicken was produced on a budget of less then $20 in one day down in Asheville’s River District.  The day of filming was about 90 degrees and 100% humidity, most of the shoot required Doug to drink and smoke throughout the day and sweat it out in the suit.  By the end of the day a disgruntled, dehydrated sick chicken remained.  The film is set to release online early 2010!

After the extremely hot shoot we celebrated with refreshing swim in a waterfall.  Below is the softer side of the disgruntled chicken with his lovely girlfriend Sarah at Skinny Dip Falls off of the Blueridge Parkway.

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