Young the Giant & Jon O'Brien

I was turned on to the amazing In The Open series by Jordan Lejuwaan of I love music, mountains and the outdoors which means I can only absolutely LOVE In The Open!

ABOUT In The Open
We are people who love music to put it simply. Ranging from writers, designers, photographers, and cinematographers we all love music equally and want to spread as much music as possible in just about every format we possibly can.

Forewarning – Jon O’Brien “Family” definitely not the lightest of songs … but I listened to it 3 times in a row on two separate occasions and I’m about to press play again. I love it.

Listening to: I Love your Soul by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

“I think to be human, Love is all we need!”

Green Couch Sessions • MICHAEL BERNARD FITZGERALD from Green Couch on Vimeo.

Equipped with his guitar and warm smile Michael Bernard Fitzgerald took the time to play us a song . He is currently driving his white van across the Country on tour for his album The MBF Love LP. He started in Victoria with a show at Lucky Bar and made his way across the straight to play in Vancouver at the Biltmore. We met up with Michael before the show to film a session and decided to set the couch inside the sculpture “We” by Jaume Plensa, perched at the edge of Sunset Beach. It was definitely a pleasure meeting Michael and think all of us at Green Couch can say the goosebumps weren’t just from the extremely cold february day. Don’t just take our word for it, stay tuned to hear this amazing session!

The Greencouch Sessions were partially inspired by the amazing Take Away Show series that made me fall in love with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. [side note, they are currently on the very unique outdoor Railroad Revival Tour with the phenomenal Mumford and Son's AND Old Crow Medicine show]

1 Giant Leap

I watched and fell in love with 1 Giant Leap 9 years ago.   It has now reappeared and been mentioned more collectively in the last month then all the years combined! What makes that extra special is the fact that 99.9% of you have probably never even heard of it let alone seen it, especially if you’re based in the US. If you’re cool enough to live in the UK then it’s a different story

ABOUT 1 Giant Leap

1 Giant Leap is a concept band and media project consisting of the two principal artists, Jamie Catto (Faithless founding member) and Duncan Bridgeman.

Based in the UK, the two musicians set out to create a multimedia project that would encompass a CD, DVD and cinematic presentation that would offer a complete artistic statement. The project offers music, digital video footage shot over the course of six months by Catto and Bridgeman, images, rhythms and spoken word content.

The band was signed to the Palm record label and its eponymous CD was released on 9 April 2002. It features contributions from Dennis Hopper, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Stipe, Robbie Williams, Eddi Reader, Tom Robbins, Brian Eno, Baaba Maal, Speech, Asha Bhosle, Neneh Cherry, Anita Roddick,Michael Franti, Zap Mama, and other artists and authors. The band’s theme for the project is “Unity Through Diversity”. A Making Of was also shown on the Discovery channel, which featured some of the effort involved in finding and working with the musicians and other people involved in the project.

1 Giant Leap’s “My Culture” video for their first top ten single, featuring Robbie Williams and Maxi Jazz from Faithless received extensive airplay.

In 2004 they moved onto to a deal with Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment to make a second film and album entitled What About Me? The concept was the same as their initial CD and DVD – traveling the world interviewing artists and sampling music – though the second time around their journey was longer (four years) and doubling the number of contributing artists from their debut release.

Good God I Love me some good Blues.

good god good blues … they melt me. It’s all over when good blues are on, I can’t function it crawls under my skin and washes through my veins. My body feels like it no longer belongs to me, Shit gives me goose bumps, heats up my skin and takes my breathe away. Good blues is like good sex, that feeling … it stays with you … gives you that glow and that smile. You know that smile.

Listening to Tab Benoit makes me feel like I didn’t move far enough south. I don’t want swamp and gators but ... Those sounds and soul that come from the south, they’re the sounds worth living for.

A personal Tattoo

No, your not seeing things and no it’s not photo-shopped!

Yes, that is my name tattooed on her tummy!!!

Is she my new favorite person?


It’s even spelled correctly, I almost never see my name spelled correctly by anyone but me.  I’m shocked every time it happens.

So, what’s the deal.  Well as the shirt shows we were at The Enemy Lovers concert and I met the girl through a mutual friend.  She’s a dog trainer and I wish it was the first time I heard it but, her dog was named Kiesha.


… but no, wait it kinda is.  See, I have a thing for wolves and she once rescued a wolf when it was just a pup.  Those prints are the actual wolf pup prints shrunk down for the tattoo.  So, not a dog she had a wolf named Kiesha and loves her so much that she got the tattoo.

Listening to: Out Loud by Dispatch

“Out Loud”

Would you be the wind to blow me home
Would you be a dream
On the wings of a poem
And if we were walking through a crowd
Well you know I’d be proud

If you call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come running
Do you suppose I’d come at all
I suppose I would

And if we were walking
Down a dead end street
Would you be the one to let our eyes meet
Or would you just keep on walking
Down to the turn around
’cause you know I’d be proud


And if I was gone from the land we know
Would be the dawn
And let your beauty still show
And if you were walking
And heard the cold night coming
Would you call my name
’cause you know I’d come running

Rare video recording of Jeff Tweedy (solo) - You Are Not Alone

I caught Jeff Tweedy on Farm Aid’s 2010 live streaming performance on YouTube. Unfortunately of the videos uploaded Jeff’s performance is not among them. Hopefully that will change because it was captivating. I put the concert on as background music and then ended up dropping everything within moments of Tweedy starting to play.

This song in particular struck a nerve with me. This is the only one I could find, it’s shaky but the sound quality is good enough to get the feeling. It’s sad this solo isn’t available, I’ve listened to the recording of it with Mavis and also with Tweedy & Feist overseen by Beck but neither feel as good.

Wilco – Uncle Tupelo.