blueridge mountains

Pisgah Forest, NC - Hidden Rock Garden

I went for a drive up in the mountains on Pisgah Hwy to the Blue Ridge Pkwy. On the way back down I noticed the pull off to this park that didn’t look like much.  It wasn’t until I was out of the car and near the shelter that I started noticing the rocks. I walked further and with each step saw more and more rock piles. You can’t help but smile when you see them. It’s art in nature built over many years by many individuals. You also can’t help but add to it or pick up and rebuild a fallen pile. It’s a special little place and if your headed up Pisgah Hwy anyways, pull off for a few minutes and check it out and play with some rocks.

Go west out of Asheville on 19 /23 then turn left on Pisgah Hwy 151 go down about 10 miles and the park is on your left right across from the sign that says you are now entering Pisgah Forest.
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