inhale with steve ross

27 Epidsodes of Inhale with Steve Ross!

I use to have a website called Yoga Studio Decor with the Happy Blog.  By far my most popular (227,212 views)  post came from sharing some episodes of Inhale w/ Steve Ross.  When I was done with the business I kept the blog up because of all the comments and heart felt 'thank you's' for sharing the episodes.  Well there is now a video page with 27 episodes of Inhale on 1 page and you should go there, I will be.

Steve Ross was my introduction to yoga and I will be forever grateful.  I have now been doing yoga for over a decade and no teacher has ever come close to the smile he would put on my face during practice.  I had the privilege of taking classes at his studio when he owned Maha Yoga in Brentwood while I lived in Los Angeles.  I had a hard time walking down the stairs after or for the next few days but it was good.   The episodes are much more doable on a daily basis.  His book Happy Yoga is great read and a whole lot of it has nothing to do with yoga.