A personal Tattoo

No, your not seeing things and no it’s not photo-shopped!

Yes, that is my name tattooed on her tummy!!!

Is she my new favorite person?


It’s even spelled correctly, I almost never see my name spelled correctly by anyone but me.  I’m shocked every time it happens.

So, what’s the deal.  Well as the shirt shows we were at The Enemy Lovers concert and I met the girl through a mutual friend.  She’s a dog trainer and I wish it was the first time I heard it but, her dog was named Kiesha.


… but no, wait it kinda is.  See, I have a thing for wolves and she once rescued a wolf when it was just a pup.  Those prints are the actual wolf pup prints shrunk down for the tattoo.  So, not a dog she had a wolf named Kiesha and loves her so much that she got the tattoo.