The Most Practical Guided Meditation Ever!

- Have a not so pleasant job?
- Have a not so pleasant boss?
- Have a no so pleasant relationship?
- Having a bad hour / day / week / month / year?
- Any legal or debt trouble?

I believe George Carlin would have approve this meditation guide! There are plenty of us who want peace in our lives. For some of us swearing with the lovely sound of “Fuck” and other stress / pressure lifting words helps the peace. Don’t try and be too nice, you might spontaneously explode. Be honest and that means sometimes saying, “Fuck that shit” cause some shit is complete bullshit. It is not a peaceful dove flying over a calm stream, it’s bullshit. Aknowledge it, feel it, figure out how to remove it from your life, learn from it and then move on. Accepting all that comes with life does not have to mean ignoring or smiling while smelling shit. :)

Have a fucking wonderful day! I think you are fabulous and fucking beautiful!

Yoga Photo Shoot for Three Minute Egg in Downtown Asheville, NC with Carrie Carr

Yoga egg . photo shoot

Client  Three Minute Egg Model  Carrie Carr Photographer  Kiesha Jean

Location . downtown Asheville, North Carolina USA

This was a super fun and inspiring day! I received the job based on a continuing series of photographs documenting the journey of local indie rock band The Enemy Lovers.  Being able to photograph a subject that has changed my life { yoga } in a city that I love { asheville } and get paid to do so, oh man it was a fantastic experience! I was definitely nervous about my first yoga / first real model shoot and grateful to run into some good friends downtown during the day of the shoot that helped ease the nerves.  Also grateful to the friends who offered support and equipment for free prior to the shoot!

27 Epidsodes of Inhale with Steve Ross!

I use to have a website called Yoga Studio Decor with the Happy Blog.  By far my most popular (227,212 views)  post came from sharing some episodes of Inhale w/ Steve Ross.  When I was done with the business I kept the blog up because of all the comments and heart felt 'thank you's' for sharing the episodes.  Well there is now a video page with 27 episodes of Inhale on 1 page and you should go there, I will be.

Steve Ross was my introduction to yoga and I will be forever grateful.  I have now been doing yoga for over a decade and no teacher has ever come close to the smile he would put on my face during practice.  I had the privilege of taking classes at his studio when he owned Maha Yoga in Brentwood while I lived in Los Angeles.  I had a hard time walking down the stairs after or for the next few days but it was good.   The episodes are much more doable on a daily basis.  His book Happy Yoga is great read and a whole lot of it has nothing to do with yoga.