Kiesha Jean



Kiesha Jean Currently resides in the small town of Occidental, CA in the wine country hills of Sonoma County.  

What do you paint?

This is the question I am most frequently asked when I tell people I am an artist. After fumbling for years trying to answer this a few recent conversations have helped me to accept and clarify what it is that I do. I paint whatever I want to. I have no one set style, medium or subject. I paint, draw, experiment with whatever makes me happy on that day. Sometimes it is a vision that comes right before I fall asleep (ie. Delicate Connections, Filled with Love No. 4). Sometimes it is a moment in life that surrounded me with such a full feeling that I want to capture it (ie. Wheatland,CA, Driving Down a Country Road, Dancing in the Deep). Sometimes I see a color combination and I just want to create something with those colors (ie. Opposites Attract, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Full Bloom).

There are moments that feel completely out of my control. There is no thought, no vision, no motive they seem to paint themselves. These are the ones that come from that ‘Creative Genius in the corner’ that Elizabeth Gilbert talks about. Basically they are manifestations of my subconscious, my deepest feelings these are ones that will mean more to me then they possibly ever can to anyone else. These will be the highest price pieces because they feel like a piece of my soul on canvas the thought of parting with them feels a little like a punch in the stomach (Bleeding Heart, Blue Lady, Shine Through, Dream State, Spirit Bird, Across the Desert, Spring Fever, Just a Thought)

Kiesha's art career blossomed a few years ago after she had her first child.  There was a six month stretch where her son would only take naps in the car and she decided to use this as 'personal time'.   Being the single mother of a small child that time did not exist at any other point during the day. Not enough time to fill up a piece of paper, one day she put some river rocks in the car to draw on.  They were the perfect small canvas to finish during nap time.   Kiesha would pull over to some scenic outlook on the Russian River and paint while her son slept.  With a small child it feels extremely rewarding to be able to complete any task.  

As the collection of rocks grew Kiesha decided to take them to the Russian River Art Gallery.  They were interested and ending up selling A LOT of them.  They have continued to sell for years at multiple locations in West Sonoma County.  As her son has grown so has her time to create.  

Kiesha Jean became a member of the Russian River Art Gallery in 2016.  There is a permanent exhibit of her original artwork for sale.

Instagram @KieshaJean for a display of most recent art available.