About Kiesha Jean

Currently resides in West Sonoma County, CA.  

Kiesha's art career blossomed a couple years ago after she had her first child.  Her son would only take naps in the car for about 6 months when he was a year old.  She used this as 'personal time'.  Not enough time to fill up a piece of paper, one day she put some river rocks in the car to draw on.  They were the perfect small canvas to finish during nap time.   Kiesha would pull over to some scenic outlook on the Russian River through Guerneville, Monte Rio, Duncans Mills and Jenner California.  With a small child it feels good to be able to complete any task.  

As her collection of rocks grew she decided to take them the Russian River Art Gallery and see if they would be interested in selling them and they were.  They sold and continue to sell them years later.  As her son has grown so has her time to create.  

The rocks are now sold at multiple locations throughout West Sonoma County.   Kiesha Jean has become a member of the gallery with a full display of framed fine art, wine glasses, and the Russian River Rocks for sale.  

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